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Star Gate Delta

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Star Gate Delta

Post  Nolan Law on Mon Jul 21, 2008 12:25 pm

Stargate Delta

Stargate Delta is a Stargate-based Proboards role-playing game (RPG) set in the fictional Delian galaxy, currently running parallel to the end of SG-1 Season 9 and Atlantis Season 2. Following the success of the Atlantis expedition a year earlier, Stargate Command had decided to launch a second expedition team to the Delian galaxy under the command of US Marine Major General Frank Kepler. Using an address uncovered by Doctor Kent McKillop, the expedition team gates out and discovers a new galaxy of adventures. Now home to over a hundred personnel, the Delta Site possesses a BC-304 Daedalus-class battle cruiser for transportation, defensive, and supply operations known as the USS Iliad, as well as several F-302 Interceptor fighter planes. The six primary off-world teams now face off against enemies new and old, with the hope of establishing new relations and forging new alliances. The main antagonist on this expedition are the Olympians, an alien race posing as the ancient Greek gods that were passed down over the centuries on Earth. The expedition works valiantly to uncover new technologies to be used in the defense of their outpost in their little corner of the universe, and eventually Earth.

Meanwhile back on Earth, the Stargate Academy is working its way through another academic year, well on track to turning out another batch of officers ready for front-line off-world operations for Stargate Command and its various outposts around the galaxies. The only thing standing between these fine recruits of the US military's service academies and active Stargate Command duty is one of the world's most challenging and grueling trainings programs - the Stargate Academy, designed to test the physical and mental fortitude of each cadet to their extreme limits and prepare them for their future as leaders in the Stargate Program. Will you make the cut?

Stargate Delta


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