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Frenisia Destiny <Affiliation>

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Frenisia Destiny <Affiliation>

Post  Nolan Law on Mon Jul 21, 2008 12:36 pm

Once the kingdom's of the land of Frenisia were joined in a glorius peace, trade and happiness were ripe in the land. Everyone loved the king and his fair rule, that except a small cault that wanted darkness to rein. The king caught word of this and upon discussion with the other races dispacthed his soldiers to bring the leader back. They trecked for miles before they caught the cult. They burst into the old ruins of Harash and caught the cult in what looked like a sacrifice. They tangled with the leader and in the fight killed the sharman before he could complete the ritual. Or at least they thought.

Weeks later sighting of a man dripping flesh and wrecking havoc were whispered, and with in the months Darkness feel on the land. Frenisia's race prepared for the worst as the worst came. Armies began to rise from the grave and demons begane to emerge from the elemants. The United Races divised a counter attack after losing many towns and cities to these attrocites and the Damned that lead them. The armies fought bravely but they could not defeat an enemy that would reinforce thier own forces with the dead of thier foes. Slowly the armies were pushed back and when the news of the king's murder and the prince's disappearance these already drained soldiers broke line and ran.

Now after a year of Darkness rule prophets and believers are saying god has come back to Frenisia and he comes with avengance. Out of the ashes of a once great land heros of many backgrounds and races have come for many reasons to defet this darkness and restore the light. Some will carry the will of god as the prophets say wielding mighty beast of war who befriend thier chosen hero.

But to defeat the darkness more heros are needed, So mighty warrior, Grab a shield, Grab a sword and seek out the Darkness.
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