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Rules for this site

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Rules for this site

Post  Nolan Law on Mon Jul 21, 2008 3:04 pm

Here are the rules for the site.

You need to post a least once per Week.

A. Profane and vulgar langauge is tolerated in acceptable limits. Please keep your profanities to a minimum, not every word or second word.

B. Remember when you start a thread make sure you establish a sense of beginning. Describe your surroundings. Trees, people (NPCs) and buildings - this will help keep most things clear.

C. You should try to keep out of character (OOC) to a minimum on the message boards. (Note: If you want to talk out of Character to someone, do so through PM or off the boards completely.)

D. Respect eveyone! You are to show respect to all. All moderators and admins are to be shown respect. Repeated offences will result in you being suspended or banned from this RPG.

E. Do not bring your quarrels with other members into the RPG! If you have a problem with a character for whatever reason then please discuss it with the player. If you cannot work it out with them then ask Staff Member or me to mediate the dispute.

F. Please don't use the PM system for plugging your sim. That what the advertising board is for..Just a warning.

G. When Posting please use proper Posting format -

Time Stamp -
Above Gloster
: This is so poeple in the same RP and Staff know where and when you are.

Speaking -
Either use the Bold button "Blah" or use a color button "Blah"

Thinking or NPC speaking -
Please use the Itallic button Think, think or "Blah"

And please end the post with a tag (eg. <Tag Myself>) so people know how you are talking to.

Any breaking of these rules will be followed by a warning and then if broken again, a second warning, followed by a two (2) to seven day (7) suspension from RC depending on how bad it was.

*Please note these maybe upgraded at anytime*
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