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Hollows Of Darkness

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Hollows Of Darkness

Post  Katylinn on Wed Jun 10, 2009 8:42 pm

Forty years ago a bioengineered virus attached itself to a crop of Genetically modified tomatoes. The virus spread quickly around the world, killing a third of the human population. This virus exposed the existence of a number of supernatural races that had previously remained hidden by sheer human numbers. These supernaturals, called Inderlanders, were not affected by the T4 Angel Virus and once they revealed their existence to the world held up the economy and kept the countries running as the virus was brought under control.

The revelation of the Inderlanders brought about a change of policy regarding policing on a world scale as former bureaus were dismantled and ones more suitable to the new Inderland issue were born. The Federal Inderland Bureau (FIB) is a human run police organisation and the Inderland Security Service (IS) is Inderlander run now handle the world’s law breakers.

With the success of Vampiric Charms independent runner service, Tamwood, Jenks and Morgan decided to open up offices where their expertise could best be offered. London was chosen as their firs t chain and hired the most renowned Runner in the city. Ciar Mor-Ríoghain, a living vampire, is now in charge of getting Vampiric Charms London up to Ivy, Jenks and Rachel’s standards whilst they handle Cincinnati’s Inderland crimes.

Based on Kim Harrison’s best selling novels, this role play sets out from the Vampiric Charms trio in Cincinnati and brings their penchant for trouble and runner skills to London. Who will you be?

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