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Planets and Moons

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Planets and Moons

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Ariel is a central planet of the Union of Allied Planets. It is home to a major medical center (named Saint Lucy's) of the Alliance's solar system. The majority of the action of the episode "Ariel" occurs on this planet. Ariel is home to a bioluminescent lake that is a popular swimming spot. Mal and Zoe's old war buddy Tracey carried human organs to Ariel, where they were meant to be removed from his body and sold.

There is some confusion as to whether Ariel is a planet in its own right, or a moon of Osiris, but we shall stick with the designation of core planet as given in the Serenity RPG.


Border planet with at least four moons, one of them 'Whitefall'. Athen's is located in the Burnham quadrant, and is a world known for rapidly changing weather and winds that blow constantly. Certain crops thrive here, and there's plenty of marble to be quarried. It is noted that all of its four moons are terraformed.


A wealthier, more civilized planet relatively close to certain border worlds. The Serenity crew arrives here after their heist on Lilac, to share part of their earnings with the brothers Fanty and Mingo. Their port of call is a large Asian city. At the bar called Maidenhead, which was chosen for these dealings, they discover River's Alliance-conditioned fighting abilities. This occurs during the Serenity movie. About seven months earlier, the crew was headed for Beaumonde in the episode "Our Mrs. Reynolds".

Mal described it as 'a decent sort of planet', whose prime industries are 'factories and the like. Some ranches, if you're more for the outdoors...'

As seen in the Serenity movie, cities on Beaumonde seem to be heavily populated and industrialized, akin to the cyberpunk version of Hong Kong in Deus Ex.

New Dunsmuir is the capital of Beaumonde. The city is the only planet that has no factories. Located on an ocean, New Dunsmuir is a popular tourist attraction.


A rich man's paradise. By crude definition, each estate is self-contained on a floating island above the oceans of Bellerophon. Each estate has all the trimmings; grass lawns, landscaping and multi-code locks to keep out any unwanted visitors. There are also local police patrols that cover the area. Durran Haymer owns an estate here.

Bellerophon is not a 'water world': both Mal and Saffron are left in terrain that resembles open, arid desert.


After the initial colonization of Londinium and Sihnon, Bernadette was the first planet to be terraformed and settled by humanity. It is a traditional launching point for those leaving to settle on other worlds. Settlers arrive here from other planets in the core and make preparations to set off for a new life on the Rim. (The settlers in 'Bushwhacked' left from here on their way to 'New Hall'.)


A civilized planet with a more strict Alliance presence than Persephone (due somewhat to its support of Independent forces during the Unification War).

Ares, one of Boros' moons, is home to Alliance military shipyards. Up to five Alliance cruisers can be seen being constructed in orbit around Ares any given time -- these take about six years to complete. The Alliance presence here is as large as it gets outside the Core.

Boros is known for its' scrap metal industry. Much of the overstocks, castoffs and junk from Ares finds its way to Boros, much of which can be had for a decent price. Merchants appreciate the few landing restrictions on Boros.

Dyton Colony

Dyton Colony is a border world made habitable and colonized through judicious use of convicts looking to reduce their prison sentences. Natives of Dyton can be identified fairly easily due to their notable - East End, London - accent. (River identifies Badger as a native of Dyton Colony and passes herself off as one as well by imitating his speech patterns. (Episode: Shindig)

Georgia System

A heavily-developed border system with a high number of planets, moons and glorified rocks valuable for mining (and/or equally useful for clandestine dealings). Paradiso and Hancock are located on one such planet in the system, and the Georgia system is also one of the bases of operation for Adelei Niska; his privatized Sky Plex orbits the planet Ezra.


A civilized planet (or at least one with good medical facilities) not far from several border worlds:
* Wash mentions that it would be an eighteen-hour trip to reach Greenleaf in Out Of Gas (which, following Jaynestown, might mean they were coming from Higgins' Moon).
* While looking for medical help for Book in Safe, Wash again mentions this planet, and Mal mentions that it is a ten-hour flight from their current location (Jiangyin).


Haven is a border world (or moon, possibly) which was the site of a small mining outpost of some type. For a price, the local inhabitants were willing to provide shelter and the chance for a new beginning for those wishing to remain under the Alliance's radar. Several of Mal and Zoe's old army acquaintances found their way here.

During his relentless search for Simon and River Tam, the Operative destroyed the outpost on Haven, together with all of its inhabitants.


A gas giant around which Triumph orbits.


Hera was the site (via Serenity Valley) of what turned out to be the last major battle of Unification War.

Hera is the breadbasket of the system. Lying between the Core and outer planets on a major shipping lane, Hera was a major strategic locus during the war. There are over half a million gravestones of those that lost their lives in the battle (from both sides), in the hills next to Serenity valley.


Jiangyin is a border planet located 3 weeks away from Persephone, and also nearby Greenleaf. Alliance law is known to be upheld here. The crew of Serenity sells a cargo load of cattle here in the episode "Safe".


Londinium is one of the two major planets of the 'verse, (the other being Sihnon). It is inhabited primarily by colonists from the western continents of Earth-that-was and is the location of the Alliance Parliament.


Miranda is the name of a planet located beyond Reaver territory.[1] It was home to an Alliance colony with a population of 30 million. The Alliance experimented on the population to find a way to make people more controllable. However the experiments with "G-23 paxilon hydrochlorate", or "Pax", failed: 99.9% of the population became so passive that they essentially lost the will to live. The opposite effect was observed in the remaining 0.1% of the population, who became extremely aggressive and butchered the Alliance scientists in charge of the experiments. This tenth of a percent of the population escaped to become the Reavers. The Alliance tried to cover up what had happened on the planet by creating a story that the colony was lost due to failure in the terraforming equipment.

New Canaan

This is the place where the brandy of the same name comes from. (Original opening of Safe)

New Hall

A new border planet, recently opened to standard colonization. (The settlers discovered in Bushwhacked were headed here from Bernadette).

New Melbourne

Probably a border planet. It is mentioned as having extensive fisheries, indicating that it may be an ocean world. In "Objects in Space", Inara and Mal discuss the possibility of her disembarking there. Mal also says that everything on New Melbourne 'is either fish or fish related. And unless you have the uncontrollable urge to gut sturgeon, which who hasn't by the way...' from this it is concluded that New Melbourne is an oceanic planet.


A very wealthy Core world. Simon and River grew up here and Simon studied and practiced medicine here as well. The planet is 'advanced' enough to have developed truly disreputable areas in the urban sprawl -- places known as Blackout Zones where loyal Alliance citizens simply do not go. The main city on Osiris is called Capital City, which is where Simon worked as a surgeon.


Little is known about Paquin except that early in their career, Serenity’s crew had work lined up there. (Mentioned in the flashback where we’re introduced to the less-innocent Kaylee in Out Of Gas.)


Mentioned by Saffron in the episode "Trash", is the planet on which Saffron claimed (falsely) to have been sold to slave traders.


A resort world where the crew of Serenity travels after they successfully hijacked the drone in Better Days.


Persephone is a civilized planet with heavily stratified societal structure. The Eavesdown Docks are located here, a commercial port and Badger's base of operations. The Serenity crew lands here periodically to resupply and pick up work. Simon and River Tam, Shepherd Book and the Alliance villain Dobson were picked up here in the episode "Serenity". Book had been living on Persephone at the Southdown Abbey. The planet was also the site of a swordfighting duel between Malcolm Reynolds and Atherton Wing in the episode "Shindig".

Saint Albans

St. Albans is an icy world, and Tracey's home planet. Located at times about two days away from the Space Bazaar Sky Plex. There is apparently a single Federal Station located somewhere on the planet, reasonably close to a huge gorge through which Serenity flies in an attempt to outrun an Alliance gunship. Tracey is brought back to this planet in the episode "The Message".


An unsophisticated planet near Persephone. From space, the planet has a bluish grey color. Mal and Jayne get into a fight with some slavers here. Seen in the episode "Shindig".


Childhood home (and assumed birthplace) of Mal Reynolds.

Shadow was a prairie planet that took well to terraforming. It was known for its farms and ranches. The planet was almost entirely rural: no cities and only a few towns dotted the surface. The people of Shadow were hard workers and independent-minded. It was one of the first to stand against the Alliance. Most of the planet's young people volunteered to fight for Independence.

Shadow was aggressively bombed during the war in an attempt to break the Browncoats & teach them a lesson; it had the opposite effect.

Today, Shadow is a ghost planet. No one lives there. No one can.


Together with Londinium, Sihnon is one of the two major planets of the 'verse. It is inhabited primarily by colonists from China. The planet is highly sophisticated and technologically advanced. It is also Inara Serra's home planet. From space, the planet has a deep red color. The capital city is said to be, according to Inara, "like an ocean of light."

Silverhold Colonies

Eight sectors away from St. Albans. The Silverhold Colonies are the jurisdiction of Federal Agent Womack in the episode "The Message".

Three Hills

Mentioned by Mal as a location for him to sell his stolen goods at in the episode "Serenity".


Verbena was a lush world of thick forests. The world was largely underdeveloped until the Alliance made it a centerpiece for its "rejuvenation after Unification" campaign. Government incentives funded new construction, including a factory to supply parts for military vehicles.

An Independent soldier-turned-terrorist bombed the factory, killing hundreds and destroying the structure. The bombing sent the world into an economic depression and created an atmosphere of paranoia, fear and hatred for Browncoats and the Independence movement.

Legislation to aid the troubled world is being discussed in parliament and will be voted on once the committees have determined what course to take.


Whitefall is the fourth moon of Athens, a large percentage of which is owned by a woman named Patience. Whitefall is said to not be civilization "in the strictest sense." The crew visits Whitefall hoping to sell their cargo to Patience in the episode "Serenity". According to the RPG, a Blue Sun facility is rumored to be underneath one of the mountains. A security outpost on the planet was later seen in the film Serenity.



A moon of Boros mentioned in the Serenity RPG.


A small border moon, sometimes used for smuggling and the like. (Mentioned by Mal as a place where Monty got pinched by the Feds in 2516 -- episode: Trash)

While the planet has many farming communities, Beylix is basically the system's garbage dump. The scrap yards and reclamation centers are often scavenged due to low security. It turns out what is trash in the Core is treasure to those on the Rim. Beylix is a good place to start a new life, as you can often find some old ship and spare parts to get her flying again.


A desert moon orbited by Niska's Skyplex. Malcolm Reynolds tries to sell medical supplies here. Named in the script for "War Stories"

Higgin's Moon

Higgins' Moon is a moon where the primary commercial activity is mud mining which is performed by indentured workers called "mudders". The mud is exported offworld and used in the manufacturing of ceramic components. The bulk of the population are impoverished and/or indentured workers. The moon appears to be owned by a magistrate named Higgins. Jayne became a folk hero to the mudders in the town of Canton due to his role in a botched heist about four years before the time of the Firefly series. The crew visits Higgins' Moon in the episode "Jaynestown."

Ita Moon

A moon in a remote sector. It is unclear what sort of activities occur in the area, but the locale seems useful for salvage. (The crew of the S.S. Walden was returning from a salvage mission around Ita Moon when they stop to 'help' Serenity in Out Of Gas.)


A moon of Boros mentioned in the Serenity RPG.


Regina is known for its massive mining operations. The ore processors and atmospheric conditioners of Regina have created conditions for a disease called Bowden's Malady, a degenerative affliction of the bone and muscles that leaves victims weak and in constant pain. Regular treatments of Pasceline-D halts the progression of the disease.

The Alliance sponsors regular shipments of the drug to Regina, which depends on the shipments for continued prosperity.


A primitive and poor border moon, apparently self-governed with rather unusual customs and traditions. Elder Gomman is the leader of the moon's settlers or, more likely, one small town's worth of them. Saffron was picked up here in the episode "Our Mrs. Reynolds".
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