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Places (cities, space bases, misc)

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Places (cities, space bases, misc)

Post  Charlie Cordoy on Sat Jun 20, 2009 10:06 am


Du Khang

Location of a major battle between Alliance and Independent forces during 2510.

Eavesdown Docks

A lower-class slum on Persephone used for planetside docking of less well-to-do craft.


A city in the Georgia System, a few hours travel from Paradiso via train.

Kowlan Federal Base

An Alliance space station (serving the same general purpose as a frontier fort in the Old West), Kowlan is located closer to the border world of Jiangyin than Persephone.

New Canaan

This is the place where the brandy of the same name comes from.

New Dunsmir

New Dunsmuir is the capital of Beaumonde. The city is the only planet that has no factories. Located on an ocean, New Dunsmuir is a popular tourist attraction. (See 'Beaumonde' on planets and moons post.)

New Kasmir

A battle took place outside this city during the war; Mal and Zoe were in that battle. (Mentioned in a conversation on why Mal and Zoe cut their apples. - Episode: War Stories)


Mining city in the Georgia System that has problems with Bowdens Malady. The city where the stolen medical supplies were headed in The Train Job. (See 'Georgia System' on planets and moons post.)


A space station that has optimized a large portion of its habitable space for client services such as shopping, entertainment, and so forth.

Adelei Niska has privatized a skyplex for his own use in the Georgia System (orbiting the planet Ezra), and we see the crew of Serenity visit another Sky Plex in episode: The Message.

St Lucy's

A major hospital on Ariel. (See 'Ariel' on planets and moons post.)
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