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Chronological Jobs and ORPs List

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Chronological Jobs and ORPs List

Post  Charlie Cordoy on Mon Jun 29, 2009 8:11 pm

This list shows the order of play of the jobs and ORPs (open role-plays) we have done - starting with the oldest. The entrance of new permanent characters will be noted in italics - they will (obviously) not have been played in any prior game threads. Click a thread name to be taken to the first post.

ORP 1: Greenleaf - Need a Crew? Nolan Law, Katylinn Mersah, Isaac Moss, Charlie Cordoy, Richie Quentin, Leilani Lessari

Job 1: Ousren - Life Just Got Hard... Commander Jade, Kinomoto Amane, Marcus Cypher, Leilani Lessari (departure)

ORP 2: Persephone - Shore Leave Jaykob Druitt

ORP 3: Nightfall - Deep Space (or as close as we get)

ORP 4: Nightfall - In The Dead of Night...

Job 2:

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