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Nightfall Crew/Position Availability

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Nightfall Crew/Position Availability

Post  Charlie Cordoy on Mon Jun 29, 2009 8:46 pm

Below are the positions onboard the 'Nightfall', both taken and available. Click on a characters name to see their biography.

Ship's CaptainNolan Law
First MateKatylinn Mersah
PilotIsaac Moss
MechanicCharlie Cordoy
MedicJaykob Druitt
ShepherdRichie Quentin
Hired Hands/MercenariesAmane Kinomoto
Passengers (max: 8)Michael Chen

Other positions may be available, please ask an admin. Companion is allowed but not listed as it is not essential - Serenity having a Companion sounds like an exception rather than the rule.
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