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Marcus 'Wraith' Cypher

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Marcus 'Wraith' Cypher

Post  Marcus Cypher on Thu Nov 05, 2009 2:03 pm

Needed Information
Name: Marcus Cypher
Home Planet: Verbena
Appearance: Physique is akin to a runner’s, though only slightly more muscular. If anything, he can be described as ‘wiry’. Skin is slightly tan, and has dark brown, nearly black hair. His eyes are brown, with flecks of green.
Identity Marks: Has a 3 inch scar that crosses diagonally across his right eye, though the eyelid and eye are unmarked. Also has a tatoo of a stalking panther approximately four inches long just above his wrist on the underside of his right arm (mascot/symbol of his unit during the war).
Age: 28
Height & Weight: 5’ 11”, 165 lbs
Personality: Normally calm and quiet, Marcus is one of those that stands on the border between the social butterflies and the anti-social outcasts. Cautious by nature, he’s also extraordinarily patient, with a temperament that is unusually calm. He keeps his temper in check most of the time, though woe to them that manage the feat of making him angry. One of the reasons he’s so quiet is that he prefers to think about what he’s going to say before he says it. Interestingly, when he doesn’t think first, he tends to say something that is probably best left unsaid (often embarrassing himself in the process). Put the most simply, he’s more a listener than a speaker. When he does speak, it’s with the drawling twang he inherited from his family. Curious and eager to learn, it’s not uncommon to find him engrossed in a good novel or some technical manual.

Brief History: Born and raised in an independently-minded community on Verbana, Marcus was a bit of a throw-back to some of his twentieth-century ancestors, at least in his attitude. Laid-back, woods-wise, and uncommonly courteous, his drawling accent seemed just a touch deeper than the others he grew up around. This didn’t mean he was stupid by any stretch of the imagination. He always finished in the top 5% of his classmates in just about everything except the physical education classes. He just wasn’t built like a bull like some of the others.

At the age of twenty, he joined the Independents shortly after the Siege of Du-Kang. He acted as a scout, sniper, and a communications engineer within his unit, the Nightstalkers. While the unit held some degree of notoriety for their operations behind enemy lines, Marcus was the one known within the unit as Wraith. He had that uncommon gift of being inconspicuous, which came in handy on any number of times. In Serenity Valley, his unit was utterly annihilated, leaving Marcus to fend for himself. His treatment when the medical aid arrived left him with a bitter resentment toward the alliance.

After a couple years of working odd jobs on one world or another, Marcus eventually finds himself on-board Nightfall.

Main Skills Marksmanship, Reconaissance, Stealth

Optional Information
Personal Item: Studded leather gauntlet, trigger finger missing, extends to just below his elbow; worn on his right arm
Own Weapon:

Taurus 9mm

Sig556- Vertical bipod/grip, Holographic reflex site, 4x Magnifier on flip-to-side mount, cheek pad, three point sling

Grooming instrument (not really... unless it's been cleaned first...)

General Skills: Survival, Communications, Basic first aid

Needed Information
Real Name/Nationality: Mark / USA
Do you agree to the rules of this site: Yes
Do you agree to the M-15 Rating of the site: uh… yeah
Role Playing Experience: I’m Marcus Garret on Delta…
Role Play Example:

Marcus carefully makes his way down the slope, and soon appears from between two of the tents. He quickly appraises the situation, and carefully looks between his commander and the twin sprawled out in front of a tent. Making his way past the body, he kicks it for good measure, despite the fact that it's beginning to stiffen. He steps over to Staff Sergeant Foster's side, raising his Zat to keep it trained on his own twin. He speaks quietly, just loud enough for Tim to hear.

“Where's Captain Logan and Sergeant Rodriguez?”

He looks up at his twin and the other Katrina, his eyes narrowed.

“Y'all better hope the rest of my team's in better condition, or someone's gonna pay. You don't mess with my family.”

Are you a member of any of the Linked sites: Yes
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Re: Marcus 'Wraith' Cypher

Post  Nolan Law on Tue Nov 10, 2009 10:46 pm

Hey ya Mark. The Bio looks great and as I seam to be the only mod around enough these days. (Just kidding but I am wondering where everyone else is) I'll approve it. Very Happy


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